Nonamechild (Nona) commits itself to children in Romania

After 1989 many initiatives were set up in Flanders towards Romania. From 1991 onwards, thanks to the Sisters of Charity J.M., the VZW Eurokans were able to support a nursing school in Bucharest in collaboration with the Flemish community.
We continued to maintain contact and since 2000 this collaboration received a new impulse from De Pinte.
After a successful benefit action the VZW Nona (Nonamechild) was founded on 11 September 2001 with the aim of helping the Romanian population, and especially the children.

Nona is a non-denominational society committed to providing a practical solidarity. With the help of small-scale initiatives we try to provide a future for children in Romania.

Our projects:

Clinic M.S. Curie Bucharest

  • Playroom
    In 2001, a playroom was furnished for the endoscopy ward. New and donated toys are put at the disposal of children who remain in hospital for a long time.
    Nona pays the salary of a fulltime educator, took care of the fitting out of the room and the acquisition of playing material.
  • Hospital school of Sfanta Faustina
    Since 2004 lessons are provided for the children in the hospital. Thus they avoid falling too far behind in their studies and they get new opportunities for the future.
    In co-operation with the Irish association Help Us Dry the Tears, who paid for the school building, they get their lessons in their own building in the hospital’s grounds since November 2006.
    Nona provides the salaries of the teachers and also provides the teaching material.
  • Project HERO
    In 2010, NONA started the project HERO (Hospital Education in Romania). Through this project NONA aims to develop orthopedagogical and orthodidactic expertise among the teachers by providing additional courses, formation and training opportunities in Belgium.
    Furthermore, NONA anticipates that these teachers will put their expertise at the service of other Romanian hospitals wanting to develop education for their sick children.
    At the same time there is the hope that this will increase the pressure on the authorities to set up a legislative framework and provide subventions for the salaries and functioning costs of education in hospitals.

The school team:

Myriam, coördinator
Tuta, teacher
Claudia, teacher
Adela, play activities

Trovant Costesti!

Costesti is a small village at the foot of the Carpethian Mountains consisting of three residential areas (Costesti, Bistrita and Pietreni) and counting 3.500 inhabitants. Since July 2004 we supported the activities of Marlene Bourgeais, a retired Flemish teacher who lives there for the greater part of the year. Together with the inhabitants she realised small-scale achievable projects which promote a better social environment in the local community.
Till 2016 Nona supported these projects.